On-Campus Facilities


Mosque and Prayers

In order to make students acquainted with the religion, a very regular timetable under the supervision of Scholars and Teachers, students are provided with the best source of learning and gaining religious knowledge along with the detailed understanding of basic and advanced concepts of religion. With compulsory 5 times prayers and regular recitation of the Holy Book of Quran with Qi-rat is made mandatory for all the kids. In order to build the empire of their life on solid foundations, the management participates along with the kids to make sure that when it comes to religious affairs no one is above, and hence all are the same. Everyone presents their experience of a spiritual journey of their life so that the learning may become inspirational.


During their stay, the students are provided with a wide range of continental and intercontinental food that nourishes their physical and mental health. Along with food, the students are taught table ethics and different styles of having the food in different types of environments. The Students become amiable with the table ethics and hence don’t hesitate in participating in official, casual and other types of gatherings.

Sports and Fitness

Physical health is the basic of mental health, students are provided with classes that help them understand and empower and improve their physical health that ultimately makes them mentally fresh and active.
These classes along with different practical activities are organized so that the students may learn the importance of their physical being and never underestimate it. The activities include but are not limited to

  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Gymnasium
  • Martial Arts
  • Taekwondo
  • And many more

Cinema and Indoor Sports

Entertainment is also a very important aspect of learning and improving. Keeping in mind its importance, Super Kids Program maintains a very well defined and disciplined time table of students’ entertainment corner. Awareness documentaries, intellectual films, idealistic Interviews, realistic debates are made important for the students so that they may get acquainted with the international norms. Alongside, the students are provided with intellectual indoor games that include ludo, carom board, chess, cards, puzzle and many more

Library and Group Work

Reading is the quality and habit of top intellectuals, in order to impart the habit of reading among the students, a library containing 500+ books is managed that contains books of a wide range from basics to advance level, the students are given time to read books under the supervision of intellectuals who provide answers to the queries of questions arising in the minds of the students.

Outdoor Events, Visits, and Lectures

The students are not bound inside the campus all long but are also provided opportunities to participate in the events organized by independent organizations, that provide them and exposure to official world.



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