Media Cell

Media Cell

Media Cell is devised with the strategy of improving 360 Approach on all the media platforms that include so that the student may learn the importance of media in 21st Century and may also learn its positive usage for the better understanding of concepts, ways, and techniques of making an impressively positive appearance on social media that is the strongest tool of making voices heard in this competitive era.

The Media Cell Includes Teaching, Learning, and Working on
i. All Social Media Platforms
ii. YouTube Channel
iii. Website embedded with Social Media Platforms and YouTube Channels.

The design of the activities of media cell includes the following
i. Helping Students reduce their Camera fear
ii. Help students improve their gestures and postures, communication skills and Ethics
iii. Hep students in making a better performance

Media Cell Strategy: A Practical Approach to the Media World

    1. Pre-Production
      1. Theme: Why to make a video
      2. Creative: What to share in the video
      3. Story Board: Where and How to shoot a video
      4. Timeline: How long the video will take
      5. AV aids: s electing transitions, background music
    2. Production: The comprehensive Phase
      1. Arranging Necessary resources
      2. Executing production plan Post Production: An Eagle View
        1. Editing
        2. Censoring
        3. Finalizing

Media Cell Includes

    1. Videos
      1. Making Videos on Educating Audience
      2. Videos aim at training public
      3. Awareness short videos
      4. Short documentaries
      5. Public Service Messages
      6. Coverage to events
      7. Interviews with Guests
      8. Sessions Guest Speakers
    2. Image Posts
      1. Public Service Messages
      2. Students Activities
      3. Gatherings
      4. Research and Development
    3. Blogs and Articles
      1. Educational Ideas and creativity in teaching and learning
      2. Day to Day developments in technology and their Impact
      3. Futuristic approach of IT and Education
      4. General Topics
      5. Spiritual Topics
      6. Guidance for Parents and Teachers



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