Human, Humane and Humanity

Human, Humane, and Humanity are interlinked connections that are so strongly interwoven attributes that act as engines of running the intellectual machinery of social life and society as a whole. The need and requirement of all of the above three are so important that the correct amount of their availability plays the role of fuel running the engine. So far, these concepts have been hidden inside a hard shell that their exploration turned out to be very difficult at times but have now become possible by means of extended studies, access to universal knowledge by means of making the internet easily available at your doorstep, getting approach to high-class teachers guiding you throughout the ways has become so possible that mankind has become self-sufficient today not only to learn something from somewhere but also start generating knowledge from the obtained knowledge. The world of the concept is hidden behind the abodes that are not easily found and discovered, but in fact, it needs unlimited hours of preparations, studies, research, analyses, refinement, and practice that makes the filth of useless thoughts gone and brings forth the best available knowledge Infront of you that makes you analyze and realize the difference between the expectations and reality.

Human Nature is soft and mild, he speaks the tone of a bird, meets people with the light of the divine, greets others with the love of life, and accepts them with the whole of heart. The attitude designed and furnished plays the role of your existence in a society and hence has been so beautifully crafted that its existence is the actual exposure of reality. Our ideas are sometimes dusted that need proper cleansing and cleaning. Once such misunderstanding, if any exists, is washed out then the real purpose of your being comes forth and turns out to be your mirror. Human, for so long, has been in search of his lost identity, that once existed in its purest form, where there was love, affection, beauty, and more than all humanity. The love of divine would help the relations become strong and travel to become the strongest, where it would be glued together so strongly that it would not break, but that was history and is found in a blurred form on the pages of history somewhere in the books may or may not be found. The ideas and concepts of existence have always been questioned if feelings existed for real or fabricated, the beauty is found or is always fabricated, misconceptions exist or are fabricated. Questioning minds have always found unexplainable answers that can be understood by only a few. Gone are the days when mankind was understood neutrally, it’s the time of advocacy and judgment where mistakes are advocated first, judged later, decreed then, and recovered at the end when a lot of time is already lost. Thanks to the late decision-making concepts, childish at times.

Human along with his humanity is considered to have a humane for himself and all. Where close contact of people occurs. Where the reality of the concepts paly its role beyond fabricated imaginations. Where people who don’t have time to even think about themselves, keep on finding ways to disturb others and tie knots to halt the ways of others approaching their real beings, is a kind of place where people don’t prosper easily. People were made to love and things were made to use. But nowadays we use people and love things. That is why the happiness from our world is disappeared somehow, that is why the prosperity has become a dream somehow and that is why the realities are hidden somehow.

A world, where negativities are washed out and real beauty is brought forward, where originality is polished and brought forward, where the specialty is crafted and brought forth, is a world that is the need of the time, need of people, and need of everyone. A human that is filled with humanity and stuffed with humane is always in search, search him inside, he exists there, for sure.

Written By:

Àmmer Sohail

Executive Director KIMSAR Pvt Ltd