Dream of Peace

Everyone has their own definition of peace and what they think we can do to have world peace. This is my definition,

  • Happiness
  • No Stress
  • Freedom (under the defined boundaries of Islam and other regulations)

Many people think that world peace is impossible. But what exactly do they mean by world peace?

If by world peace they mean that there will be no conflict among and within nations then I think that “yes”, it might be impossible. There are around 7 Billion people in the world and it’s only going to increase year by year, everyone is unique and everyone has different opinions so of course there will be disagreements and conflicts, and as the population increases there will be a rising demand for land, water and natural resources of all kinds, Or jobs, and opportunities, for political and economic power. It’s unrealistic to imagine that there would be absolutely no conflict.

But if by world peace they mean the absence of major war, and reducing conflicts then I think that yes, it’s possible. All we need is communication. If two people can just take a breath, sit and talk about whatever their problem maybe I think they can easily come to an agreement. It’s so much better than war or even in everyday situations like arguments between friends at school or co-workers, People don’t confront each other and talk about their problems, instead, they go and backbite to other people. Then it’s a vicious cycle that just results in a lot of people getting hurt.

United Nations Organization (UNO) also realized Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions as one of the major world problems to be solved, Considered as one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. UNO and its sub institutions are working in partnership with individuals, institutions, and governments to highlight the problems in our environment and providing solutions for these problems through all resources including intellectual and financial.

Now the question arises, how can we as individuals play our role to fix this issue?

In my opinion, by participating in various initiatives by UNO we can put our efforts to look into the peace-related problems and suggest possible solutions through various means including Artificial Intelligence.

Some examples of these initiatives are, Pakistan Science Club in collaboration with Technovation and UNESCO launches a pilot program every year, The Technovation Idea Lab in Pakistan. Under this program girls of age 10-18 work towards solving community problems covered under seventeen SDGs using Artificial Intelligence.

Another similar UNO’s initiative called the Local Challenge Fund (LCF) that supports research projects to address local socio-economics issues has been announced by Higher Education Commotion (HEC), this year. LCF Catalyzes the development of a region and contributes towards SDGs by winning local grants worth up to 65 million PKR.

In Conclusion, Peace is achievable but we have to be willing to play our part.

Written By:

Zunaira Waheed

Student of SUper KiD Program