Super Kids Program


The super kids program is a full-time boarding school program that focuses on the academic and behavioral improvements of students. Unlike the conventional school systems, this program provides kids with a better understanding of academic and behavioral norms in a practical environment where they are being taught, trained, and examined in a constructive ambiance.

Hammad Safi, who has captivated people around the globe from his phenomenal lectures and seminars, is the head of the super kid’s program who intends to polish the capabilities of these kids and make them eligible to face the challenges of life. Hammad takes motivational Lectures, Conducts life coaching seminars, and Confidence boosting workshops to help the kids improve with double speed.

The main objective of the super kid’s program is to hunt & polish the hidden abilities, capabilities, skills, and talents of kids so that they can be helped with understanding and improving their potential. The kids are given training and practice sessions where they are asked to carry out certain activities both theoretically and practically. The lectures aim at inspiring the kids to cultivate a habit of understanding and learning concepts rather than memorizing and writing.  Keeping in view the growing needs of youth in this current competitive era, The Curriculum is specially designed to empower the kids and prepare them to face the challenges of life. The Syllabus is redesigned and updated time to keep the students connected with day-to-day developments, inventions, and innovations of the world


“Reforming the Education System”


“Teaching and Learning to make a difference “

Activity Part of Our Curriculum

Communication Skills

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Nonverbals

Presentation Skills

  • Whiteboard
  • Multimedia
  • Extempore

Information Technology

  • Computer Softwares
  • Computer Hardware 
  • Internet and Cyberworld

Fight with fear

  • Camera Fear
  • Stage Fear
  • Public speaking hesitation
  • Workshops and Seminars

General Studies

  • Iqbaliyat
  • Islamiyat
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Current Affairs
  • Applied Science
  • Applied Mathematics

Behavioural Training

  • Social ethics
  • Meeting Ethics
  • Table Ethics
  • Communication Ethics
  • Gathering ethics
  • Dressing Ethics

Special Lectures

  • Guest Speakers
  • Online Lectures from International Guests
  • External Training and Seminars

Physical Activities

  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Exercise
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Sightseeing

Islamabad Campus

USECS – Launched its campus in Islamabad on 1st January 2021. Situated in one of the most prime locations, close to Universities, Colleges, Schools, and Hostel Town, our campus is situated in Burma Town Chowk, Latherar Road Islamabad. 5 Mints travel from Islamabad expressway makes our campus approachable to all the prominent locations of the capital territory. The campus is a copy of our Peshawar campus with all the required facilities that make education secure, latest, connected, updated, and upgraded. The campus is divided into necessary departments that make students move easily from departments to departments. Our Staff at Islamabad are also well qualified and trained under the supervision of a constitution that is timely improved and updated


Peshawar Campus

Our Campus in Peshawar is located in one of the most convenient areas commonly known as an educational hub. Zaryab Colony Faqirabad is an area with a wide range of colleges, schools, and hostels around. The campus is super secured with a high surveillance team whose job is to ensure staff and student security. The entire area is preserved with barred wires and security cameras under the supervision of active staff members. Offices, Classrooms, common rooms and cafeteria is airconditioned will all the required facilities that make life and learning easy, accessible and connected to the modern means of technology i.e., sound system, multimedia, and LEDs. All the staff members are cooperative and well trained who play their role the level best to make students spend a learning-oriented life at USECS – Peshawar


Student Reviews

Muhammad Awais
Muhammad Awais
SKP Alumni
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Super Kids Program make me met my-self, the inner me – the real me. I helped me realize my potentials and polished my hidden capabilities which has proved to be solid substance material foundation for me to build the empire of my dreams. Thank You Super Kids Program that has made me eligible to study at Batrasi Cadet College. Insha Allah I will study harder to become a valuable asset for my nation.
Muhammad Sudais
Muhammad Sudais
SKP Alumni
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I have Studied at Super Kids Program for 1 year. During my life at campus, I realized my weaknesses and learned the strategies to convert them into unbreakable strengths. This program has enabled me to dream big and has taught me the power of a real and pure human being, utilizing which I can now grow to transform lives into value generating sources of a society Insha Allah.

Parents Reviews

Muhammad Maaz
Muhammad Maaz
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Super Kids Program has not only changed my brothers but has made them a cause of change and inspiration for the rest of the kids at our home and society. My cordial prayers and well wishes are always with the staff members. Thank You Super Kids Program.
Said Noor Afridi
Said Noor Afridi
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Learning becomes productive when is connected with interest and practicality. The version of kids I wanted to see in my kids has been made possible by this program. They have not only crafted their personality but have taught them the value of living a purposeful life. Thank You SKP and Thank You Hammad Safi.

Teachers Reviews

Munib Ul Hassan
Munib Ul Hassan
SKP Islamabad
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It’s an honor for me to be a part of SKP – Team. I am really inspired by the thought-provoking work of the management, the uniqueness and versatility of Curriculum and the conceptual and intellectual style of teaching. This program has helped me polish my skills of training by providing me training, development and opportunities to become an inspiration for my Students.
Sidra Khan
Sidra Khan
SKP Peshawar
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Super Kids Program for me is like a family. I have served as a teacher and mentor but still consider myself a student who always has different rooms for learning and improving in. As a teacher and manager, I have worked in both of the domains to infuse purity and originality in learning and teaching both. I am thankful to the management as well who have helped me always in becoming what I am. Thank you SKP.

Hammad Safi, is a name that rose to become the first super kid of Pakistan by becoming the youngest Motivational Speaker and Article Writer. He has been awarded by renowned national and international figures and has been honored with the title of “Fakhr-e-Pakistan (The Pride of Pakistan)”.

Youngest Motivational Speaker



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